Strategic solution number zero

(Or, How to eliminate any problem and evil from the world)

In the world there are many people suffering and many others who work and are committed to finding a way to eliminate suffering violence and hunger from the world wars.

One often hears of “third world”, referring to those people who do not have access to employment, living in unsanitary conditions, poverty, slavery or in a country where there is war.

The question we must ask is:

“You can remove these evils from the world?”

The answer is:
“Yes, you can delete them!”

and not only in Africa but the entire world!

By applying all over the world, the project described in this report, in a short time, will be eliminated all evil from the world, and disappear:

1. Unemployment,
2. Wars,
3. World Hunger
4. Violence,
5. Diseases,

Like the famous “Egg of Columbus”, the solution is simple.

It ‘a solution, if it were explained to the world through television and other means of communication, when it was all understood, we could implement the very next day.

As I said earlier, there are many people who try to solve these problems, unfortunately none of those who undertake to do so, have you ever analyzed “scientifically” to try to solve the problem.

I say this because, given the methods that are expected to use to solve these problems, we understand that were not analyzed in their true essence and I hope that this depends on a simple “blindness” and not by a petty desire to ignore the problem because from this it derives a profit.

The problems are not solved by searching for “buffers”, but are resolved by analyzing the “why” they exist.

The correct analysis of the problems that many people now becomes:

What needs to “Humanity” to live in peace and happy?

The things they need to live happy and in peace are very few, and they are:

1 – Feeding
2 – A shelter from the elements and sleep (eg house)
3 – Be Healthy
4 – Have fun
5 – Educate (to progress in “Civilization”)

Small brackets,
Looking at these five needs, long ago, I came to think that the fact that we have five fingers, all need to remember this detail.

Before you start reading about how this project is feasible, I would ask you to eliminate from your thinking, because it totally unrelated to the project resolution, the words:

1. Communist system.
2. Barter.
3. Utopia.

As for L ‘Utopia, rather than eliminate it from your thoughts, I suggest you go read where does the term.

On the Internet there are many sites looking for Thomas More, who is the author of the text which describes precisely an island called Utopia, where life unfolds with a system similar to the one I developed myself.

Thomas has put his company on an island just in order to better understand the system.

Assuming an event and putting on an island, our mind is more inclined to “play” to accept it, because we tend to see it as a fact limited.

This as a first step, then when it became clear the system, you will understand how to extend and apply to the whole world.

Some may think that I copied my project from that text, but it is not.

I discovered the existence of the treatise written by Thomas More in 2008 alone, reading an article in Focus magazine, I went to look for news on the island of Utopia, and I discovered, with pleasure, that Thomas More had had the same idea.

The big difference is that the ideas of More, affected by the time they are born, and still provide that slavery can exist, which I think is absolutely unthinkable in a civilized society.

The excellent technical training school – I had humanitarian gave my mind a scientific background, as well as to design a simple bolt from the turbine to a hydroelectric plant or a plane, I can also help investigate scientifically any problem.

For this reason, when I’m in front of me or someone poses a problem which interests me deeply analyze it in order to find any solution.

This “strategic decision” stems from a serious and careful study of the possibility of eliminating the current problems and all evil in the world.

The solution was slowly formed in my mind because having a lot of free time, being a pensioner who has the good fortune of not having financial problems, and with the help of many suggestions had also broadcast television, and appeared to me in all its simplicity already for some years.

It is difficult to describe the emotion I try to have found it, I’m happy that there is a tool like the Internet, that gives me the opportunity to understand it and spread it to many people, being otherwise impossible to publish it, low cost and long , for normal communication networks.


What we hear, a little ‘by all, on television?

1. People seeking work and more money
2. People seeking justice
3. People that want to stop wars
4. Scientists who want to eliminate hunger in the world
5. Researchers who seek to eliminate disease

The company is composed of people of various ages and walks of life, for a moment, excluding students and retirees, which I will discuss later, I ask you to meditate on this hypothesis, though, today, any person seeking employment were to be raised this question:

“Would you be willing to do a job you like, that meets all your needs and expectations, with a month off every three months of work, and that allows you to get any good material you have need or like to have?

I believe the answer would surely be … .. YES.

Turning then to any worker, the following question:

From an economic and from the point of rewarding and quality, are fully satisfied with your current job? you get, basically, three possible answers, to be precise:

. Yes
. No
. Not much.

Analyzing the three responses, we outline these details:

For those who answered yes, by reformulating the question above, highlighted in red, in which it is proposed to be entitled to three months off a year I think, apart from some particular case, everyone should be happy to have a greater holiday period, and above all, to be able to get any tangible desires.

Even people who responded are not satisfied with the work, answering the question highlighted in red, you should respond, if only for the greater period of leave.

And the same thing should also meet those who are partially satisfied with the work, too, at least for the major holidays.

Excluding those pensioners who do not have economic problems because pensioners are particularly high, and asking instead to a person who has a minimum pension, or at least below the 2000 €, if it were willing to live in a society structured in such a way that will never more concerned to limit and control their finances to get to the end of the month, where there is no violence, wars and all kinds of evil, I’m sure that even this group of people would say yes and you willing to live in a society that Give this possibility.

We have obtained all the people, workers and not that of a hypothetical solution would be happy to adopt it.

We will see later, and everyone can see how true this personally, that when it is explained how you can improve the welfare of all and thus remove all evil in the world, almost all of the people will change his mind on the answer given above, and say first what:

“Well then, if so, I do not do anything.”

At a subsequent observation for pointing out that if no one does anything, the world would stop, then declare that a society so organized is pure utopia.

I take great sadness when I am in front of people like that.

The image of the emperor

I ask you now to another stretch of the imagination and put yourself in the welfare state and the “material and psychological well-being” in which she lives an Emperor who will become the state of happiness of every person in the world.

Before long, more able to empathize with the condition of his privilege, you should understand how he and his family live in a condition comparable to that in which they lived Olympians the mythological.

He has no problem and should not respond to any of his choices or decisions, he is relatively well but detached from any obligation towards his subjects.
This is because his life is organized by a large group of people who think their every need, making him live in an artificial life away from the reality of the production world and human society.

The same condition, although it may seem incredible, you will get every single person in a world where force is the system I devised to solve the problems of the world.

Each person will not be “subject” of anyone and the only value that will be important to his family.
Each family will be a “microcosm” completely independent from the rest of the world that will have the sole duty to do their work for a limited period of time, probably not exceed three months within a year, time will always decrease with the increase of technology and automation.

the principle

In the world there are some “civilization” that are commonly mistaken for primitive peoples, but which performs what is the true essence of living in harmony and peace with the universe and civilization.

I think one of the people now living on earth and has the highest degree of civilization, is that of the Pygmies, and like them a lot of other peoples as the indigenous people who live in the Amazonian forests in many places and in various African locations of Polynesia or similar places.

I chose to talk about Pygmies because, for us Europeans, it is perhaps the best known.

The lifestyle of these people, as well as that of many others who live on islands in the Polynesian or the Amazon forests, is the basic example of the principle upon which the strategic decision number zero.

As the Pygmies live?

The pygmies are not one people living in one group, but live in separate groups of 70-80 people to form what might be called a single family, or rather, an “extended family”.

To live, every single village, has requirements concerning various sectors, the first is to provide the food for all, the second is the arrangement of the huts of the village and for the days of rain or extreme heat, followed with dwindling interest from other needs such as health, education and entertainment of children.

The pygmies are organized so that tasks are divided among all members of the group, depending on skills and strengths. It will be understood therefore that the group responsible for hunting, will not be formed by the older people of the village, but the most strong and agile.

With this criterion, the group is organized to meet the needs of the whole village.

At this point, someone may already have arisen in the mind the thought that a society so organized, part of a communist system, but it’s nothing like that.

It may seem at first sight a communist society, but rather the organization of a society far more advanced and civilized.

Of course, who is in charge of procuring food or water, the other because it does not settle the roof of the hut, which would be a system based on barter, but it does so because it is the best person to do it, and above all, the does for the whole village.

Women have duties that relate mainly to the needs of the camp, mostly food preparation, water supply and control and the growth of children.

The old, have a function to pass on experiences and assignments that do not involve too much physical.

Today, the Pygmies are, rarely, the trading of goods or barter with their neighbors in the cities, to get some fabric or materials for the kitchen, but the general trend is to be fully autonomous.

In a group of Pygmies, every little thing is done simply because it is necessary for the welfare of the group total

We must become aware that our life is like a Ferris wheel, where it is compared:
1. you enter (born),
2. climbs (grows and educates)
3. you watch the scene (we participate in the working world)
4. one begins to decline (old age and retirement)
5. get off (the end of the tour)

Now, if we imagine that the world was a collection of many families who live like the pygmies, and we could understand the fact that extending to the whole world, the simple system of Pygmies, we have already covered a good part of the strategic decision number to zero.

To better clarify the principle must be posed, again, the question:
“What are the needs that a person has?”

As we have seen before, any person only needs to identify all these things that need, which then explain the features individually, and they are:

1. eat
2. sleep
3. Be healthy
4. fun
5. learn

I have not included the need to have a family, because I think one thing that everyone will naturally be inclined to do, but is not essential, because all, without experiencing problems, will be formed, of course, a happy family with whom to share life.

Surely, someone will think their needs, will argue that there are others besides those mentioned, but if you have the patience to read and understand the needs analysis, I think it will be clear to all that outside of those needs, to live peacefully and happily, there are other needs.

Needs Analysis

With the deadline given in point 1. Eating,

I intend to generalize the action, it is logical that everyone has their own tastes, and therefore has the right to freely eat what they like.

For this reason, before starting the project, you will have to do some tests to determine what and how many are the foods you need to meet the food needs of those six billion people around, which are now the world’s population.

To simplify the concept, we assume that the world population, only eat fish, you will then need to calculate the amount of fish each year, and organize adequate fishing.

It should first start by saying that it is necessary to calculate how many fish are produced from the sea, and of course, this amount will adjust the maximum number of inhabitants that can reach the planet.
Of course you do not eat only fish, but everyone is free to meet their needs, to do this will be organized crops and livestock in proportion to meet the world’s population.

With the deadline given in point 2. sleep,

I mean the need to rest and owning a home.
It will be understood that initially, many people will want to have personal houses and castles, I want to cry at the thought that there may be people like that.

I hope that soon you will be able to understand that a house only serves as a place to reunite a family that needs a large but not infinite space, and arrives at the notion that more houses are concentrated, the more spaces available for recreation such as parks and crops.

With the deadline given in point 3. Be healthy

I think there is no need to explain a lot.

It will be understood so that the search to eliminate the diseases that now are held by the funds available, will have unlimited availability.

In fact, in a world organized the researchers will have no limits, and especially no excuse for not solving the problem, and coming soon to a world where everyone will stay in perfect health, medical needs will be reduced to a few exceptional cases to serve.
This is mainly because transgenic crops will be eliminated, and the chemistry of the canneries, having the opportunity to transfer, free of charge, products that are constantly produced in the world by virtue of the seasons vary in different places of the earth.
A healthy body, there is only limited to the quality of the food they eat.
We formed mainly of water.
Water is composed of two hydrogen molecules and two oxygen, plus a certain amount of mineral salts.

The term specified in paragraph 4. Fun,

I mean all types of entertainment permitted, each person has his own.

Some people think that the most fun is to go see a football game,
who believes you can not live without the drama,
those who are convinced that the shows, movies and the like, are the fundamental ones,
those who are convinced that athletics is the only thing worth seeing
and so on.
and so on.

course for each spectator, should be the counterpart, so that those people will now complain that no one goes to the theater, will finally be happy because they will have their audience, and even if nobody went to see them, do not have to worry about living.

With the deadline given in point 5. Educate,

I mean the obligation to attend studies to have a mind formed for the detection of the field that you want to commit to participate in the well-being and functioning of the world.

Now the project should already be clear.

You simply have to understand how, by combining the technology in the world known to the lifestyle of the Pygmies organized , be able to solve all the problems of the world by eliminating all forms of evil from the earth.

You should have guessed then that to eliminate all evil in the world is sufficient

Delete from all over the world economic system based on money.

And here comes the real point is difficult to accept and understand, I guess in fact that many think:
“Eliminate the money? And how can you live without? ”

So I ask you to ponder this situation:

Assume that your family is the only one left in the world, you would be alone and you should work to live on you and your children, you would need the money to do it? Of course not.

Now back to meditate on the life system of the Pygmies and other people like to amplify it and imagine the entire population of the world, add the technology we have in the world and you should be able to understand that in this way, eliminating the money, everybody will have everything, and there will be no problems today as the problem of work and any other current problem.

They then live in a system where the necessary things, you will only meet the needs of people and not for a profit, just like the people of the Pygmies and the like.

With this system, you will eliminate probably 90% of jobs now present on earth, and you will understand how the more you automate tasks, the more you will have more free time and decrease the period in which you are called to work.

It will probably be asked to perform the work we are pleased that more periods not exceed 10-15 days a year, in this way, you will have more time to elevate his mind and concentrate on studies that will increasingly progress.

In a short time, (unfortunately it will take at least 2-300 years), you forget what wars are and the power that some people impose on the subject, because we will all be perfectly level and at the same value.

No more the king and the poor who sleep under bridges, or better, there will still be those who sleep under bridges, but not because he is forced, but because he likes it.

Every inhabitant of the earth will be completely detached from the rest of the world, for him, the only important thing is his family and people who like to have close and have no obligation to anyone.

How will life in a world without money.

All evil will be eliminated from the world

Decrease the work (almost everything is automated by creating freedom)

Increase leisure

Each person will be free and independent from the rest of the world

There will be no limits, and no excuse, for research and resolution of disease

There will be no limits for any development project

Armies will disappear as they are structured now, organizations will only serve to ensure order

Peace will reign supreme and live happy and peaceful people.

Thanks for your attention

Rodolfo Maschio

Via G. Leopardi 46

31029 Vittorio Veneto

Treviso (Italia)

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